Half A Century Of Witchcraft
Coven (3)
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On the sunset eve of the sixties, as flower power was wilting and the winds of change blew a cold breeze over Altamont, Coven struck the first chords of major label satanic rock. Instantly infamous for being the first to use the words "Ave Sathanas" on a record, Coven was boycotted. Not only this but their debut album from 1969 kicks off with a song called 'Black Sabbath.' The bass player's name was Oz Osborne, who can be seen on the albums back cover making the first documented sign o
Artist Coven (3)
Format 5xCD (Album, Compilation, Earbook)
Country Germany
Release date 2021
Label Prophecy Productions - PRO 271-2
Genres & Styles Rock | Non-Music | Hard Rock | Prog Rock | Experimental | Religious | Spoken Word | Heavy Metal
# Track Duration
Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls
1-1Black Sabbath3:31
1-2White Witch Of Rose Hall3:07
1-3Coven In Charing Cross4:04
1-4For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge4:39
1-5Pact With Lucifer3:33
1-6Choke, Thirst, Die3:27
1-7Wicked Woman3:00
1-8Dignitaries Of Hell4:08
1-10Satanic Mass13:21
2-2Shooting Star3:00
2-3Natural Love4:04
2-4What Can I Get Out Of You3:48
2-5Dark Day In Chitown3:54
2-6Jailhouse Rock2:12
2-7Lonely Lover3:35
2-8I Guess It's A Beautiful Day Today3:24
2-9Washroom Wonder3:54
2-10Nobody's Leavin'Here Tonight3:46
2-11One Tin Soldier (The Legend Of Billy Jack)3:12
Blood On The Snow
3-1Don't Call Me3:46
3-2This Song's For All You Children3:01
3-4Blue, Blue Ships5:18
3-5I Need A Hundred Of You3:38
3-6Hide Your Daughters5:11
3-7Lost Without A Trace5:56
3-8Easy Evil3:34
3-9Blood On The Snow2:01
4-2Sexe Cérémonie Satanique4:46
4-3A Spell Of Many Reasons2:05
4-4The Jinxing Spell1:13
4-5The Crossroads Spell1:12
4-6Money Conjure0:52
4-7Love Spell1:23
4-8Chaos Magick3:03
5-2Out Of Luck5:04
5-4Black Swan4:20
5-5Quick And The Dead7:56
5-6Ave Satanas2:59
5-7Black Sabbath (Demo Version)3:39
5-8Wicked Woman (Demo Version)3:00
5-9Dignitaries Of Hell (Demo Version)4:20
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  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1)
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