Buyer Terms & Conditions

Article 1. You need to create an account to buy on VinylHeaven

You can do that here.

Article 2. VinylHeaven is a marketplace

VinylHeaven provides a marketplace where Buyers can purchase from Sellers around the world. It is important to note that VinylHeaven is not a part of that transaction.

  • You are not buying from VinylHeaven, but from one of the many Sellers on the marketplace;
  • VinylHeaven does not screen Sellers beforehand. A Seller is solely responsible for listing the item under the correct release and adding an accurate description: media and/or sleeve condition and Seller notes.
  • Each Seller on VinylHeaven has its own mode of operation: shipping methods, processing times, shop policies, etc. Please make sure you check them before ordering.

Article 3. Buying

Before you buy an item on VinylHeaven please make sure you have read the Seller's terms & conditions and shipping policies. Also make sure your address information on your account is correct. The Seller will need that to ship an item to you.

When buying on VinylHeaven you must use the STRIPE checkout we provide you with*. This is to prevent scams and/or fraud. Also when you circumvent this we cannot assist you in any way when something goes wrong.

You are not allowed to contact the Seller to try to negotiate a sale outside VinylHeaven. You can use our internal messaging system to discuss any questions you have with a Seller.

* For a very limited time some Sellers may still have a PayPal / bank transfer option. This is also a valid payment option.

Article 4. Communication

You can use the message system on the order page to communicate directly with Sellers. or you can message a Seller directly if you have any questions. Please note that you are not allowed to use this system for:

  1. Sending unsolicited messages: spam, advertisements, promotions or other messages not related to an order or product.
  2. Sending insulting, discriminating, harassing or intimidating messages. Also refrain from sending retaliatory messages.
  3. Try to make a sale outside of VinylHeaven with the aim to avoid fees.

Article 5. Disputes

We expect Sellers and Buyers to resolve disputes by themselves. In the event that a solution can not be reached we will try to mediate the dispute. Please report the dispute in a timely manner.

If you can’t reach a solution with the Seller and you reach out to us, you agree that we will have the final say. This means that we can either decide in your favour or the Sellers.

Contact with the Seller: you can use the message box with the order to communicate with the Seller.

Contact VinylHeaven: please use our contact form to reach out to us.