Connecting your Discogs account

If you already sell on Discogs, you can begin selling with us instantly. You only need to upload your Discogs inventory. Everything will be imported one-by-one. You can do this by either uploading a CSV file or connecting and synchronizing your Discogs account.

Connecting to Discogs

1. Make sure you are logged in to your Discogs account in your browser

2. Log in to VinylHeaven an navigate to "External Connections"

external connections

3. Click on Add New and select Discogs

4. Now click on [view] to open the new Discogs Connection page

5. Now click on the [Connect your Discogs account] button

6. You are redirected to Discogs. Here you have to authorize the VinylHeaven connector to access your account to be able to synchronize inventory and sales.

7. You are redirected back to VinylHeaven and you now see you have connected your account, we show your accountname. You can always remove the connection: either on VinylHeaven (we delete the connection data) or you can revoke the access on Discogs.

8. Now you can set the synchronization.


- automated importing of your Discog inventory

- automated synchronizing of your sales to keep your inventory up-to-date