Platform fee

In order to make our service possible, we have set our fee at 8%. (excl. VAT-where applicable). The fee will be applied to the total order price, including delivery, but excluding the VAT that we must collect from buyers. There is no additional payment processing fee. Using the platform and listing your items for sale is completely free. You will only be charged when you sell something, we do not charge for unsold products.

VAT on the Platform Fee

You will be charged VAT at the rate of 21% on the Platform Fee if you are a Seller from the Netherlands.

You will be charged VAT if you are a Private Seller in the EU. The VAT will either be 21% (for the Netherlands) or at your local VAT rate.

If you are a Professional Seller from the EU and you have a valid VAT identification number, you will not be charged VAT (reverse charge). As long as we do not have a valid VAT number you will be charged the same as a Private Seller.

You will not be charged VAT when you reside outside of the EU. This is for both Professional and Private Sellers.