Seller Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Registering

  • Create a Seller Account. When you register as a Seller you are obligated to register as either a private seller or as a professional seller. If you sell on VinylHeaven in connection with a trade, business, craft or some other professional capacity you are a professional seller and must register as one.
  • Professional Sellers. We expect professional sellers to add all required information during the registration process and to follow all the applicable local and international tax rules and other regulations.
    • VAT. As a professional Seller you can add a VAT identification number in your account. This will be used for VAT purposes on VinylHeaven.
    • EU consumer rules on distant selling. We expect all Professional Sellers to follow the EU consumer rules on distant selling for customers in the EU. You can read up on this here:

Article 2: Putting items up for Sale

Once you’re registered as a Seller, and you have filled out all the relevant information you can start selling on VinylHeaven. Please read the following carefully:

  • You are responsible for a correct listing of your item(s). We provide a product database where you can look up the release you want to sell. Make sure you list your items under the correct release. We will provide as much information as possible with the release (artists, tracks, catalog numbers, etc) and provide stock photos for display purposes.
  • You must have the item(s) in stock and ready to ship. You are not allowed to sell items on VinylHeaven that you do not have in stock. No pre- or back orders, no drop shipping, etc.
  • You guarantee that you are entitled and authorised to sell the item. When you add items to the VinylHeaven to sell you guarantee that you are not:
    1. Violating any law or regulation;
    2. Infringing upon copyright or intellectual property rights;
    3. Creating a fake listing to commit fraud or launder money;
    4. In any form acting against the interests of VinylHeaven or its partners.

Article 3: Shipping

  • After you have made a sale, you are expected to ship the items to the buyer within a reasonable time. Failing to do so might result in the buyer wanting to cancel the order. The items must be shipped within seven (7) business days of payment. Unless you’ve arranged something else with the Buyer you’ll need to carefully package the item(S) and send it within seven (7) business days of receiving payment.
  • We would prefer you to ship your items with Track & Trace. We also strongly recommend using registered and/or insured shipping, as you will bear the risk of damage to and/or loss of your item(s) during shipping.
  • Items must be shipped from the address in your Shop Profile. You will have to ship from the address in your Shop Profile. If you ship from a different address, you will need to cover any costs that might occur due to this (such as, but not limited to, import taxes, duties and/or other additional fees).
  • Selling from unsupported countries. You can’t sell from countries that aren’t on the list of supported countries. If you sell or ship from an unsupported country you forfeit the right to receive payment.
  • We ask you to work with the Buyer if there are shipping issues. If the shipment is lost and/or damaged, you will have to work with both the Buyer and the Shipping Company to try and reach a solution. Remember that you, the Seller, are responsible for the shipping and thus the safe arrival of the item(s).

Article 4: Payment and payouts

We have implemented STRIPE. This means that all payments on VinylHeaven go through STRIPE and that Sellers will have to set up an account with STRIPE to receive payments.

  • Stripe. We have implemented STRIPE as our payment processor. All payments going through Stripe will have the application fee and VAT / taxes we have to collect deducted from the payout. Payouts will initially be set at once a week.
  • Payout on hold. We may suspend your payout if the Buyer has given notice of a dispute, if you are selling from an unsupported country or if you are in breach of the Seller terms and conditions. We reserve the right not to pay you for the disputed item(s). In these cases, you agree and acknowledge that you will forfeit any claims you might have against us for such payments.
  • Exchange rates may apply. We can allow the Buyer to pay in its own currency, and by this offer more payment options to the Buyer. We update our exchange rates multiple times a day, but still we might have a small difference in the rate we apply to the Buyer at the time of checkout and the rate that is used by Stripe. You will therefore accept that it is possible that you will receive a lower or higher payout in your own currency.
  • Payments are governed by the terms Stripe. The payment processing services we offer are provided by STRIPE. These payment processing services are subject to their own terms. Please read the STRIPE terms and conditions:
  • By selling on VinylHeaven, you agree to be bound by these Seller Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to modify these terms. Before you can sell and receive payment you will have to fill out all the relevant information that is required by us and our Payment Provider. Selling may depend on you creating an account with STRIPE and if you’re a Professional Seller, a company registration number.
  • For a limited time we allow a different payment method on VinylHeaven. The preferred payment method is STRIPE, but we do allow Paypal / Banktransfer / Cash till 31-12-2021 for Sellers who need to set up a (new) Stripe account.

Article 5: Failure to fulfil your obligations towards VinylHeaven

Should you fail to fulfil your obligations towards us, we reserve the right to cancel your account and put all your transactions and payouts on hold. We can hold you liable for any and all damages and costs we incur as a result, including but not limited to Application Fee(s), VAT payments or Refunds.

Article 6: Failure to fulfil your obligations towards the Buyer

If you fail to fulfil your obligations towards the Buyer you will have to compensate the Buyer for damages. This includes reimbursing the Buyer for any Purchase Price you have already received from them. We will not be responsible for this reimbursement.

Article 7: Communication

You can use the message system on the order page to communicate directly with Buyers. This is a great way to answer any questions Buyers may have.
Please note that you are not allowed to use this system for:

  1. Sending unsolicited messages: spam, advertisements, promotions or other messages not related to the order.
  2. Sending insulting, discriminating, harassing or intimidating messages. Also refrain from sending retaliatory messages.
  3. Try to make a sale outside of VinylHeaven with the aim to avoid fees.

Article 8: Disputes

We expect Sellers and Buyers to resolve disputes by themselves. In the event that a solution can not be reached we will try to mediate the dispute. Please report the dispute in a timely manner.

If you can’t reach a solution with the buyer and you reach out to us, you agree that we will have the final say. This means that we can either decide in your favour or the buyer’s.

Article 9: Data

In our Privacy Policy you can find which data we process, how and why we process it, and what your rights are.

Article 10: Consequences of breaching the Terms and Condition

To secure the rights of all our users and ourselves, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend your account.

We might do so if we have to comply with the law, if you have breached the Terms and Conditions, if we have repeatedly received complaints about orders and/or your conduct or behaviour, to prevent fraud or to protect other users of VinylHeaven. If we suspend your account, we will inform you via email about it, stating the reason why we took this measure.

Article 11: Changes to the Seller Terms

We may amend or supplement the Seller Terms at any time. We will notify you in advance of these amendments at least 14 (fourteen) days before the amended and/or supplemented Seller Terms are posted on our VinylHeaven and enter into effect.

If you continue to use the marketplace after receipt of this notification, then you irrevocably accept the amended and/or supplemented Seller Terms.

If you do not wish to accept the amended and/or supplemented Seller Terms you are free to stop using the marketplace.