selling on vinylheaven

Before you can sell on VinylHeaven you will need to register for an account.

Just follow these 5 steps to set up your account with us:

1. Create an account: Create New Customer Account

2. Log in and fill out your profile: Complete your profile

3. Create a Stripe account (this will allow buyers to pay with a wide range of payment options and allows us to pay you) Create a Stripe Account

4. Set up your shipping policies: Set up shipping

5. Add products: Uploading your inventory with a CSV file or Connecting your Discogs account

Listing items

We provide a product database where you can search for items to put up for sale. If you can't find the item in the product database you can't sell it.

When you have found your item in the product database all you have to do is add your information: grading for media and sleeve, a price and any other information you would like to add. We will provide stock photos for the item (when available).

Fees for selling

You can list your items for free on You only pay a fee when you sell something.

We will charge a fee of 8% over the total price of your order, excluding the additional vat / taxes that might be charged to customers. The fee of 8% includes payment processing by STRIPE. The fee might be subject to VAT.

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