Set up shipping

You'll need to set up automated shipping before you can start selling. You can create a shipping policy for one or more countries and specify the charges for each nation separately. Rates are calculated based on weight, and we can specify a unique charge for "small items" (items that fit in letterboxes like CDs, cassettes, 7" singles, MiniDiscs, etc). Each order's shipping is calculated automatically at checkout.

After you created an account you will have a "Example Shipping Policy". You can adjust it to your needs and use it to make more policies.

Add new: you can add a new, blank policy with this button

With these three buttons you can:

- View and edit the current policy

- Copy this policy to a new one and start editing it

- Delete the policy

Edit shipping policy

When you click on the "View and edit" button you are able to edit the policy.

Name: You can give you policy a name. The name is for your own use

Description: Add a description. Something like: I ship orders daily with CompanyName. Please note, shipping times can take up to 28 days. Tracking number will be provided after I have shipped the items.


Use the destination picker to add countries to your policy. You can add a country only once to a policy.

Special options

You can add options to a policy, like local pickup (this means if people choose this, no shipping will be calculated, and they need to pick up the items from the shop) or free shipping above a certain amount.

Shipping ranges and rates

You can add different ranges to calculate shipping.

From - To: the weight the range is for

Packaging weight: the weight of the package used. This weight is used in the calculation of the range. For the first row this means if the package is 15 grams, the items should 85 grams or less for this range to apply.

Shipping price: the price for this range

Max order value: the range is only valid and applied to orders under this value

Small items: only if you tick the box, this is applied to small items. Small itmes are items that fit in letterboxes: 7-inches, CD's, MC's, DVD/BluRay, MD's. All products have a "small item" setting, where you can override it's standard setting.

For each extra: here you can set a value to be applied to orders that will go over the max weight that you have set.

Shipping price examples: here you will see an example of the shipping policy applied to some standard formats.